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SC-5 Electronic Stencil Cutter Files

Dongle / HASP Security Device Drivers
(Updated for compatibility with Vista & XP 64) - For Version 7.1 - For Version 5.0

USB Drivers (COM Port Emulation for cutters equipped with USB Ports) - For Windows 2000, XP & Vista

Control Center Software (For Diagnostic Purposes) - For Windows

Full StencilCAD 7.1 Manual (For Advanced Users) - Zipped PDF File

SC5 & StencilCAD Support


Q: When I try to send a file to the SC-5 machine to be cut, I receive the following error message “Error Locating Security Device”?

A: There are several solutions to this problem, please check all of the following.

  1. Make sure the dongle is secured in the USB port.
  2. Plug the dongle into another USB port, to make sure you do not have a USB problem with your computer.
  3. Your password might be incorrect in your software. Check the Stencil-CAD settings in the top menu.
  4. Drivers on your computer might need updated. Refer to the Downloads section of this website to download the updated drivers.

Q: When I send a file to the SC-5 machine to be cut, the screen shows bytes sent to the machine, but the SC-5 machine is not cutting?

A: Make sure that you have set a start point on the SC-5 cutter; the green light should be on. If that does not help, your “COM Port” settings could be wrong in your software. Please refer to page 12 of the Quick Start Manual to change the COM Port settings.

Q: There seems to be an over cut on my stencils, or small swirl marks at the connecting points?

A: The “Speed” knob on the SC-5 machine might be set too high. Lower the “Speed” setting and re-cut your stencil. Also make sure that you have a sharp blade installed, a dull or chipped blade can cause cutting problems. If you are still having problems, select “Cut” then “Tool Options” on the top menu, and make sure that the “Blade Off-Set” is set to .047.

Q: How do I cut multiple copies of a stencil?

A: When you are ready to cut your stencil, in the Cut Preview screen, click on the “...” button under “Repeats” to configure the number and settings of the repeat function.

Q: When the SC-5 vinyl cutting machine is cutting a stencil, it stops in the middle of cutting the stencil?

A: Refer to the LED on the front of the machine: The following LED codes are error messages visible on the front panel of the vinyl cutter between the force knob and Start/Stop switch. These errors normally occur while cutting a stencil or just as the stencil is sent to the cutter. The LED can be green, red or a flashing combination of both.

If the front panel green light is blinking once:
Possible Cause: The carriage (Y-axis) is jammed.
Solution: Turn off your cutter and clear away any debris or jammed material.

If the front panel red light is blinking once:
Possible Cause: 1. The drive shaft (X-axis) is jammed.
Solution: 1. Turn off your cutter and clear away any debris or jammed material.

Possible Cause: 2. The machine is having trouble pulling the media off of the roll.
Solution: 2. Create a “gravity loop” by unrolling enough media to create your whole sign or stencil without the machine having to pull it off of the roll itself.

If the front panel red light is blinking twice:
Possible Cause: Buffer overflow or communication problem.
Solution: Clear the buffer by turning the machine off, then press & hold the “Up” arrow button on the front panel as you turn the machine back on. When the carriage starts to move, release the “Up” arrow button.

If the front panel red & green lights are blinking alternately:
Possible Cause: 1. Plotter language syntax error.
Solution: 1. Make sure the correct driver is selected in the software.

Possible Cause: 2. Bad or corrupted file.
Solution: 2. Recreate file.

Q: Can I network Stencil-CAD or install it on multiple computers?

A: No, Stencil-CAD is made for stand-alone computers only and cannot be networked.

Q: I do not have any of the “Stencil” fonts installed into my software?

A: The “Stencil” fonts are installed with the software during the installation. To install the fonts, click “File” on the top menu, then “Install”, then select “Font”. Make sure that CADLINK.VEF is checked. Click the “Search Now” button and then “Install All”.

Q: The “Search Ports” button does not appear when I go to the Plotter Setup screen in Cut > Cutting Defaults > Setup?

A: Click on the “Port” tab in the Plotter Setup window, change the “Port Location” to any COM port number, then click on the “Plotter” tab again & the buttons should now appear.

Q: Did my stencil cut all the way through my stencil sign board?

A: If your stencil did NOT cut all the way through your stencil board, the blade needs to be adjusted. Turn the blade out of the foot holder no more than a ¼ of a turn, then re-cut your stencil. If you are still having problems cutting out the stencil completely, keep adjusting the blade until the stencil cuts out completely.

Q: Did my stencil cut completely through the two ply material? (Examples of two ply materials are Ultra-Cut, Poly-NT and Vinyl.)

A: When cutting two-ply material, you do NOT want to cut all the way through the entire sheet. You only want to cut the top layer and scar the bottom; the bottom layer is just the backing for the material. If you are cutting all the way through the material, the blade needs to be adjusted. Turn the blade into the foot holder no more than ¼ of a turn, then re-cut your stencil. If you are still cutting the entire piece of material, keep adjusting your blade until you only scar the backing of the material.

Q: The blade cut all the way through the stencil board, but it seems to be cutting too deep?

A: Yes, it is possible for vinyl cutting machines to cut the stencil board too deep. You can tell that you have cut the stencil board to deep by looking at the cutting strip on your SC-5 machine. The cutting strip is a small thin strip of plastic that the blade comes into contact with while cutting your stencil. If you notice big gouges or deep cuts in the cutting strip, you have cut your stencil to deep. Turn the blade into the foot holder ¼ of a turn, and re-cut your stencil.