SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine

Since 1893, Diagraph MSP, an ITW company, has been an industry leader in marking and identification equipment. In following Diagraph’s tradition and history, we are proud to introduce the new SC-5 electronic stencil machine.

The new Diagraph SC-5 electronic stencil machine is one of the most advanced industrial stenciling machines available in the market today. Unlike its manual predecessors, the SC-5 has the ability to cut various media and a wide range of fonts, symbols, and sizes. One of the new features of the SC-5 electronic stencil machine is the ability to cut traditional 15 point sheeted stencil board as well as 10 point rolled board.

The SC-5 automated unit features an extra-wide 29” bed and state-of-the-art knife saving technology and is capable of cutting characters in a wide range of sizes and materials, including:

  • Heavy-duty polyester
  • Magnetic vinyl (for user-created stencils)
  • Polynt material
  • Stencil board
  • Ultra-Cut two-ply white polyethylene film with adhesive backing (an ideal substitute for stencil board for use on concave or convex surfaces).

The SC-5 is available in both the Stencil-Cad Basic 8.0 and Stencil-Cad Classic 8.0 software models and features an easy to use keypad and digital display screen. The Stencil-Cad software programs offer a variety of font options and are compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems for easy file import or upload. From easy installation to easy operation, the new Stencil-CAD 8.0 software is a step above the rest with user-friendly tools such as:

  • Text arc
  • Image resizing
  • Shipping Symbols
  • Font installation

Stencil-CAD 8.0 software allows your stencil and sign operation to run smoother and faster, saving your company time and money.

For an easy-to-use, quick to set up industrial stencil cutting solution, your choice is clear. Diagraph’s new SC-5 electronic stencil cutters provide you with the capability and value of a manual large character machine at a much lower cost.

Each of our SC-5 stencil machine kits include:

  • SC-5 Electric Stencil Cutter
  • Cutter Stand
  • Software
  • Two, 60 degree cutting blades
  • 3" Oneshot Assembly
  • One-shot Cartridge
  • Two Rolls of Media
  • 10 Sheets of Stencil Board